Oasis is the luxurious homestay that celebrities are opting for

Oasis is the luxurious homestay that celebrities are opting for

Home meets hotel

Text: Janice Sim

More vacation homes for more vacations? Sounds like a plan

These days, the idea of crashing in a stranger's home is akin to breathing. Once dubbed a novelty, it has now assimilated itself as a travel vernacular, with mega brands like Airbnb and HomeAway paving the way.

Another strong contender to add to your radar? Oasis, a Miami-based start-up gaining traction for bridging the gap between home and hotel.

Oasis listing vacation homes

The lowdown: To date, the homestay brand has properties in over 24 international cities, touting their houses as a luxurious version of Airbnb. In terms of how both listings shape up, you won't find a huge disparity in the appearance of these homes. Judged against a 50-point checklist, expect a similar quality of individuality, design and cleanliness.

X-factor: Hands down, its famous occupant list. With names like Virgil Abloh, Alessandra Ambrosio and Adriana Lima, the bar's set pretty high.

Oasis listing vacation homes

Slick advantage: What sets Oasis apart is its personal concierge service. Similar to what you would get at at any decent hotel, Oasis calls the extra perk a Sidekick — one that will arrange everything from private shopping jaunts to your own personal chef.  The service also offers activities in the particular city; be it special discounts to a certain beauty parlour or gym memberships. This Sidekick (or extraordinary host, if you will) in your vacation home will make the stars happen.  

Filling the gap between couch-surfing to a luxury hotel, it's safe to say these sleek pads are on their way to something huge. While it has yet house any listings from Asia, our guess is that it's just a matter of time. 

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