New hotels in Shanghai to check out during your next visit

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Text: Amelia Chia

Shanghai's hotel scene is burgeoning, and it's about time we check into one of these sophisticated havens and rate it for ourselves

When you think of Shanghai, visions of colonial-era buildings, a brilliant night skyline, and steaming xiao long baos along narrow streets might come to mind. This vibrant city is China's biggest metropolis, and it comes as no surprise that tourists and businessmen alike have been flocking to Shanghai in droves over the last decade. With its pulsating energy, various businesses have also chosen to park themselves in this global financial hub. When it comes to speakeasies and luxury fashion brands, Shanghai has no lack of them.

Over the last couple of months, the hotel scene has taken off as well — with the openings of Bvlgari Hotel Shanghai, The Middle House, and The Sukhothai Shanghai. From ritzy spas to opulent suites to world-class dining options, you'll find them all in these three brand-new residences. And perhaps, there's finally good enough reason to enjoy a relaxing weekend in Shanghai. It might seem like an unlikely choice, but these hotels are about to convince you otherwise.

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