10 millennial pink destinations worth a visit

Blush to bubblegum

Text: Janice Sim

The millennial shade isn't going anywhere just yet, especially with these charming destinations echoing the same sentiment

Rose, blush, salmon, millennial, honestly it doesn't matter what it's called anymore — so long as it reflects the supremely powdered shade of pink. ICYMI, the 'it' colour of the year has been hitting its stride in our wardrobes, healthy smoothies, and Instagram feeds. But before our dangerously fickle hearts move on to the next covetable hue (Eva Chen says it's orange, but who knows when or what it could be), we've sussed out some of the coolest pink spots to book your next flight to. From the majestic Hawa Mahal palace in India to the whimsical Museum of Ice Cream in Los Angeles, these stunning places clearly got the colour code down pat. But make no mistake, these places aren't worth a vapid trip just for the 'gram but promise an unforgettable journey rich in their own distinctive cultural heritage and beautiful landmarks. So go on; make memories, love and magic, in the relentless sea of pink that this world has to offer. 


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