How Luxury Escapes makes upscale vacations an affordable affair

How Luxury Escapes makes upscale vacations an affordable affair

Extravagance on a shoestring

Text: Amelia Chia

Thought you'd never make it on a lavish holiday? Luxury Escapes will change all that and more

We've been through the unfortunate rigmarole of travel — luxurious holidays always come with a hefty price tag, while simple, hostel-type vacations mean saving the dollars for a rainy day. If you're dreaming up sipping on a Mai Tai in the Maldives, being kneaded to your heart's desire in a resort in Langkawi, experiencing mud pools in Borneo, or going on a gourmet food escape in the Blue Mountains, you're (likely) looking at saying goodbye to a month's salary.

What if we told you this didn't have to be the case? Australia's Luxury Escapes have recently set up a Singapore-based headquarters, in order to cater more deals to the Asian traveller. Unlike traditional hotel booking websites which offer just a room, Luxury Escapes bundles together irresistible deals — such as takeaway lunches, massages, and snorkeling experiences — and have the added perks of a holiday in one package.

"What we provide, unlike most other travel providers, are bonus inclusions such as sunset cocktails, daily meals, spa treatments, lounge access, airport transfers and more, designed to give the traveller the ultimate VIP experience at the same price or less than what you would pay for just the room," said general manager Blake Hutchison.

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The formula is simple. Luxury Escapes liaise directly with the hotel, and new deals are added daily to the site. Each deal is then available on the site or app for two to three weeks, before it disappears — travellers can either book their vacation on the spot, or purchase the deal and utilise it at a later date. This is ideal for anyone who spies a deal right up their alley, but can't confirm leave dates at that point — sound familiar? They have your back.

There's no tricks with added costs later either, as peak period surcharges and blackout dates are upfront and evident from the start — so two thumbs-up for absolute transparency. We hear Finolhu Maldives calling.

For more information, visit Luxury Escapes.