Joali Maldives brings eco-sustainability to the forefront of luxury travel

Joali Maldives brings eco-sustainability to the forefront of luxury travel


Text: Rachel Ng

Joali sets a new benchmark for sophistication — with artistry and sustainability at its core

Maldives, the geographic belle of the world, is foreign to no one for its exceptional islets of immaculate beauty. Luxury resorts continue to sprout, and so does Maldives’ ecological footprint. But that doesn’t mean you have to boycott holidaying in this tropical paradise. Joali Maldives has arrived on the most delicate of shores to combine luxury and ecological sustainability into a resort that will blow you away. Indulgence is now guilt-free.

Joali has, with its architectural attentiveness, averted tourism’s greatest evil — deforestation. Designed in and around every tree, this island resort operates on a healthy premise of preserving the delicate ecosystem around it, and rightfully so. Situated on Muravandhoo Island, this Maldivian palace is surrounded by the brilliant blue waters, unspoilt coral reefs and pristine white-sand beaches.

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More than just structural brilliance, Joali breathes the spirit of eco-sustainability into all faculties of its entity. A Joali Art Studio & Gallery will feature a rostrum of visiting artists to inspire guests with interactive art projects and nature inspired collections. Continue your journey around this magnificent dwelling and expect to see exquisite works of art that have been created from recycled goods adorning the premises, or visit Joali’s Flower Garden for a botanical lesson. With the majestic showcase of both local plants and flowers, the accompanying workshops and events will bring life to these inanimate gems of nature.

Joali’s focus on well-being extends to more than just the external environment; your physical, emotional and spiritual health lies at the heart of your host’s intention. Anticipate expert guidance from qualified trainers while you work out in the fitness centre with expansive views of the ocean, flora and fauna. When you need a bit of a break, try out one of their indulgent spa treatments, including a well-being programme devised with ESPA to help guests reconnect within their minds, body, and spirit. Want to be a part of this picturesque scene? Dive straight into the fun of wakeboarding, chartered yachts and Dhoni excursions.

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Villas here range from a variety of two to five bedrooms, all with butler services included. The Private Ocean Residence is a three-bedroom suite with two living rooms and infinity pools, complete with an on-call Dhoni. The Private Duplex Beach Residence is for a bigger party — four exquisite bedrooms allowing ample space for up to eight people. You'll have your own curated library, and round-the-clock buggy and driver services are at your disposal. Who said preservation had to be uncomfortable? 

Joali Maldives opens this September. To book a stay, click here.