5 stylish villas in Greece

5 stylish villas in Greece

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A favourite destination among A-listers such as Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, Greece is known for its picturesque white-washed buildings, towering cliffs, and glittering sea views straight out of a postcard. From the famous sunsets of Santorini to the glitzy nightlife of Mykonos and unspoiled island life of Paros, there are endless reasons to book a trip to the Land of Gods this year.

For style mavens who want to escape in secluded luxury, you'll be wise to check into one of these design forward villas that combine traditional architecture with contemporary elements for a luxe holiday under the Greek sun. From sexy pools to Instagram-worthy views, these villas curated by The Luxe Nomads are the idyllic venue to soak up some much-needed rest and relaxation. 

Native Eco Villa, Santorini

Combining style with amazing views, the Native Eco Villa in Santorini is a favourite among celebrities and royalties. Located at a premium cliff-side location with arguably the world's most beautiful scenery as its backdrop, this quiet abode is perfect for those looking to laze the days away. The villa's design fuses Cycladic and modern architecture, featuring eco-friendly amenities, two free-form jacuzzis, and a winding staircase that's set into the cliff rock.

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Paros Memories, Paros

A perfect getaway for the whole family, this six-bedroom Paros estate was designed with minimal architecture that blends with the surrounding scenery that frames the endless Mediterranean landscape. Catch an unforgettable sunset by the long, rectangular pool that faces the Aegean Sea and nearby islands.

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Elia Beach Villa, Mykonos

Strategically perched above Elia beach and Agrari beach, Elia Beach Villa is a white-stone Cycladic estate that offers uninterrupted sea views from all corners of the house. Looking to throw a party? You're in luck. The large pool can hold up to 150 guests. Pop-art paintings give the villa a vibrant vibe unique to Mykonos while guests can arrange to arrive in style via helicopter transfer.

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Villa Oleandra, Mykonos

A hidden gem in the heart of Mykonos, Villa Oleander is only a few steps away from vibrant town life, while still providing absolute privacy and relaxation with stunning views. The villa was recently renovated and refurbished with minimalistic designs, and features a jacuzzi to relax in as you soak up the island's landscape.

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Helios, Crete

Surrounded by the Greek sunshine and the turquoise sea, Helios is stylishly chic with rustic touches, combining privacy, seclusion, and luxury in an exceptional location. The villa offers a wealth of five-star amenities including a private pool and secluded sun decks from which to enjoy the breathtaking views of Mirabello Bay in Crete.

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