Game of Thrones: The travel guide you need this season

To stay in King’s Landing or Winterfell — that is the question

(Disclaimer: No spoilers here.) With HBO series Game of Thrones' seventh season making its highly anticipated premiere onto our TV screens and social media feeds, it honestly doesn't matter if you're Team Stark or Team Targaryen. Today, we all gather to celebrate a very special day — the day where our beloved series makes its glorious return back into our mundane lives.

To take this fandom up a notch, we figured a trip down to these iconic set locations would be fitting to celebrate the joyous occasion. What's more? These set locations double up as stunning destinations to add to this year's travel list, such as Croatia, Iceland, and Northern Ireland. From the wintry Castle Black to the majestic King's Landing, we know where we'll be camping out this season. 

Interested in taking a trip to Nothern Ireland to explore The Dark Hedges and Winterfell? Book your tour from Flight Centre here. 


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Text: Janice Sim

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    Flight Centre,
    Christopher Tait,
    Francoise de Nodrest
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