Where to eat in Seminyak: Restaurants and cafes in the Bali 'hood you should visit during your next island getaway from Singapore

Where to eat in Seminyak: Restaurants and cafes in the Bali 'hood you should visit during your next island getaway from Singapore

On a food trail

Text: Janice Sim

Seminyak is the veritable beating heart of Bali. North of Kuta and Legian, it's the hub that never quite sleeps; where tourists flock to at any time of the year and where you can find expats kicking back during their ongoing sabbaticals.

Apart from its vivacious nightlife repertoire and luxury resorts, (you can't find this number of clubs in Nusa Dua, that's for sure), one can definitely find a thriving food scene bursting under the seams. In fact, in our humble opinion, it's the sole reason why you should spend a few days in Seminyak. Bagging a heavy influence from the influx of tourists, the main grub in Seminyak is ever-changing — thriving on a plethora of different cuisines. Award-winning restaurants stand strong while new innovative establishments pop up with each year. Despite Seminyak's humble size, the interior work in its food ventures are always worth a shout-out, or brag post on Instagram. Creativity spills through its design and infrastructure, while sumptuous plates and excellent service constantly blow diners away

We've gone, conquered, and are bringing you the prime spots you need to visit whenever you're in the area. 

The Fat Turtle 

Whether you like stacks of pillowy pancakes or digging in an all-day brunch menu, The Fat Turtle should not be missed the next time you are in Seminyak. Well-known for their red velvet pancakes that are served with rich and creamy cream cheese, other favourites also include pulled pork egg benedict and poached eggs on corn fritters. It's all about reusing materials here at the industrial concept space — with the likes of coffee sacks used as a sofa cover and old sewing tables used as dining tables. Cap your meal with a cuppa made from house Sumatra coffee beans. Red velvet pancakes


If you frequent Ku De Ta, Mejekawi should be your next stop — the haute cuisine restaurant of the bar and beach lounge. The restaurant makes use of its location by the beach with its glass walls and combines it with bistro-styled furnishings. Choose between a seven or eleven-course meal that showcases a blend of local and international cuisines — with an all-access view though the open kitchen. Doubling its concept as a tasting kitchen and laboratory, expect nothing less than advanced equipment such as immersion circulators, rotary evaporators and homogenizers. A little birdie also told us that there might be surprise hidden courses served during your meal — making that seven-course meal a possible eight or nine. Interior of Mejekawi

Sea Circus

If a hip millennial could be sized up with a place, Sea Circus would definitely be it. Under the clever guise of a container, stepping into the café instantly takes you from the busy roads of Seminyak to an alternate universe of a cool cabin bustling with good vibes. Here, diners can dig into moreish breakfast plates, hearty acai bowls, Mexican tapas, and an array of colourful cocktails — to match the multi-coloured furnishings in this joint.

Seminyak bali food guide Sea circus


The latest brainchild of the effervescent 'El Willy' Fun F&B Group, Chachara takes on the form of a chic Mediterranean hideout — repping 1970s Palm Springs against a beautiful European outdoor courtyard. We recommend heading there for dinner, as by night, the whole place lights up with neon signs as well as dim fairy lights. Sexy yet laid-back. The tapas plates here are undoubtedly Chachara's strongsuit — fresh seafood expertly improvised in creative dishes. The perfect example? Their airbags; a hot, crisp pastry that's stuffed with a deftly seasoned mix of tuna and avocado.

Seminyak bali food guide Chachara


The foolproof spot where you can tuck into modern Australian cuisine. Looking every bit like a trendy Melbourne café, Sisterfields has every aspect of an Aussie haven down pat, from the luscious foilage wall to the immaculate spread. Have your fill of fresh salad bowls here, or indulge in a crispy skin salmon drizzled with lemon and served with pea smash, baby radish and potatoes. The coffee here also lives up to expectations of a decent Aussie cuppa — helmed by Expat Coffee Roasters, which also exists as standalone stores in Seminyak, in case you ever need a quick caffeine buzz. 

Seminyak bali food guide Sisterfields

Motel Mexicola

The vision of Motel Mexicola is almost psychedelic. It's a temple of its own; ingeniously lavished with colourful geometric tiles all around, from the wall archs down to the floors. No prizes for guessing that Mexican grub is their forté — must-haves include Tostada De Cangrejo (a toasty tortilla enveloped with swimmer crab in lime mayo and avo), Arroz Con Leche (rice pudding infused with cinnamon and topped with ice-cream) and Carnitas de Pato (braised duck in green chilli, white onion and coriander).

Seminyak bali food guide Motel Mexicola


Housed in a stylish warehouse-like space, Mamasan is where the cool cats like to lounge at. Listing a smart dress code after 5pm as well as no-kids policy, operations here are managed to a certain set of expectations. Priding themselves on serving the best of Southeast Asian cuisine, the alluring space is adorned with oriental wall art, rendering a certain familiarity of old-world charm. Believe us, their inventive Asian fare never ceases to amaze diners, who constantly return for seconds. Simply have a go at their snapper dumplings and you'll get our drift.

Seminyak bali food guide Mamasan

Merah Putih

We've saved the best for last. Named after the colours of the Indonesian flag, Merah Putih is undoubtedly the pride and joy of Bali's dining scene. While you might expect it to be a stickler for tradition, Merah Putih breaks away from typical Indonesian dishes, and instead hits home with elevated creations of traditional flavours. While everything on the menu is worth savouring, our favourites had to be their charred Jimbaran fish with clams and sambal, Balinese inspired 'lawar bebek' (pumpkin salad topped with slices of crispy fried duck) and their nasi uduk — a special rice relished with coconut, lemongrass and ginger. 

Seminyak bali food guide Merah Putih

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