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Text: Rachel Ng

From Alaskan hikes to Maldivian sandbank sleepouts, you won’t have to look further than Scott Dunn for your next exhilarating adventure

Call it first world problems or the sheer spirit of a true adventurist, but sandy beaches and clear blue waters no longer appease nor impress the globetrotter in us. Taking self-flattering pictures in Maldivian waters and beautiful landscapes alike seems to have become the ceiling of all luxury travels, but this is where we come in to switch up that narrative. You can now kayak amongst glaciers in the remote areas of British Columbia or quad bike on the Makgadikgadi pans. How so? Let the team over at Scott Dunn unlock new territories to give your hobbies new backdrops and your travels new life, with their Seriously Special list of experiences. Luxurious these trips may be, but comfort zones are definitely not a place you’ll be residing in. Yes, and your friends will be looking on in envy. 

For more information or to embark on these travel experiences for yourself, visit Scott Dunn.


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