Discover the elusive snow leopard on a 13-day expedition

Discover the elusive snow leopard on a 13-day expedition

Hide and seek

Text: Meera Navlakha

Explore the beauty and culture of Ladakh while searching for the majestic snow leopard native to the region

Traveling to Ladakh, the Himalayan region on the northern boundary of India, is a bucket list staple for many. The area is known for its scenic beauty and stunning, but not often accessible, wildlife. The chance to travel to Ladakh is one to seek, but the chance to see a snow leopard is not one that often comes to mind. Now, with andBeyond’s new winter expedition, the opportunity to see both is no longer a distant dream. The 13-day endeavour brings together the beautiful heritage of Ladakh and a chance to spot the fascinating snow leopard on a journey led by tour guides who are equally knowledgeable on both.
Snow leopard

Known for crafting luxury tours across Africa, Asia and South America, andBeyond is now leading a pioneering journey to Ladakh. The trip, ‘In Search of the Snow Leopard’, begins in New Delhi, from where travelers will fly to Leh, the capital of Ladakh. For three nights, guests immerse themselves in the Tibetan culture of the region, venturing into the monasteries, palaces, and rich heritage that the area has to offer. The trip will take travelers on day excursions, where you are exposed to the varied wildlife that inhabits the region. For the second half of the trip, you'll stay at the Snow Leopard Lodge, where the search for the majestic creature begins. Even if the elusive big cat insists on hiding away, you'll find the isolation and tranquility of Ladakh to be a welcome break from city life. 

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