Dior X Rimowa's luggage collection in Singapore: A luxurious blend of aluminium and oblique motifs

Dior X Rimowa's luggage collection in Singapore: A luxurious blend of aluminium and oblique motifs

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Text: Natasha Khoury

Editor: Janice Sim

It's safe to say that fashion collaborations have turned into a normality in the industry. Gone were the days where brands operated in a sphere on their own, but with the occasional alliance, came the exclusivity of a novel collection that was limited-edition. Every consumer's favourite word.

Kicking off the summer of 2020 is Dior X Rimowa's capsule collection, which we could so aptly dub, a match made in designer heaven. After all, suitcases have escalated to a sturdy fixture of a fashion statement. Here's where our favourite aluminium cases get the midas touch of Dior's artistic director Kim Jones. His shared love for travel with the German's luxury luggage brand is reflected in their first ever collaboration — celebrating the spirit of voyage and innovation all in one.

Dior x Rimowa

There's a certain romanticism in blending the old and the new. What's cool was that early Rimowa designs from the 1990s were roped in for this capsule collection — for products including the Cabin, Trunk, and Hand Case. As for the signature Dior oblique motif, you'll find it in a handful of the travel cases, specfically the Cabin suitcase and Hand Case.

Rimowa x Dior

Our personal favourite? The Personal Case — boasting sufficient room for all our hoarding habits, as well as a perfect clutch that is designed for everyday carriage. And with its easily detachable cross-body strap, it will come in handy for upcoming travels or used as a great storage unit for day-to-day belongings. Other noteworthy mentions: The extravagant Champagne Case — designed to house the Dior champagne flute set — is an eye-catching piece with its crocodile leather handle and the Cabin suitcase, which is based on the timeless Rimowa luggage. All of the pieces sport Rimowa's signature black, silver, and gradient blue.

The collaboration could be summed up in many ways — an impeccable union, the It travel accessory, collector's item, and last but not least, your next big purchase.

Find the waitlist for the Dior X Rimowa collection here.

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