'Crazy Rich Asian' villas that could be your next vacation home


Text: Janice Sim

Turns out you can rent a luxe life...

The first rule about being a Crazy Rich Asian: you don't talk about being a Crazy Rich Asian. You emulate it. From the clothes off your back to making a vocal stand about anti-plastic straws, it's clearly all about your lifestyle.

That includes your vacation homes. Convenient? Nah. Cute? Nah. Humble abode? Not in a million years. 

It is, after all a holiday. The time to indulge, rejuvenate and lounge around for days or even a week. You need to be as comfortable as you should be. Vacation rental marketplace, HomeAway, has a few brilliant ideas to where your next pied-à-terre can be. Private pools, check. Living rooms massive enough to clock in your daily sprints, check. Extra rooms to spare, check. The truth is, it doesn't matter if your actual house back home isn't half the size. No one on your IG radar has to know...

Click on these listings to make a booking:

1. Phuket, Thailand
2. Los Angeles, USA 
3. Hokkaido, Japan
4. Bali, Indonesia
5. London, UK 


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