Calling all modern-day travellers: citizenM hotel has finally made its debut in Asia

Text: Janice Sim

You no longer have to fly 6,000 miles just to experience a stay at this hotel

If you're a frequent visitor to Paris or London, the name citizenM might just ring a bell. If not, here's your chance to get acquainted with the Dutch hotel group, who has gained a flourishing repertoire in cities like Amsterdam, London, New York, Paris and now most recently, the lucky city of Taipei. Its maxim, "Luxury for the wise, not the wealthy" might strike some as a budget hotel that's looking to sugarcoat its tracks. But after a few sleeps at the boutique establishment, we can personally account that citizenM is one that's masterfully catered for the travellers of the now, and possibly the future.

Plotted in the hot district of Zhonghua and deliciously close to the bustling streets of Ximending, citizenM Taipei stands at 26 floors high with 267 rooms available to check yourself into. What's so savvy about it? Its digitally driven modus operandi, which remains true to its other 10 hotels — serving as a smart alternative to the travelling millennial who demands everything on the whim. Long queues at the front desk? Definitely not here. Guests can easily check themselves in and out with self-service counters. You also won't have to rack your brains over which room to choose, with the hotel's uniformity of a one room category.

This brings us to the highlight of a night's stay at citizenM — you can control everything (from the lights, air-conditioning, and blinds, to wake-up calls) from a single iPad that's built to serve everything you need in a room. Plus, you'll get to relish in streaming your favourite Netflix series through the Airplay function. Our golden tip? Do all of the above from your room's massive king size bed, because we're pretty sure that's what luxury feels like — controlling the world (well, or your room) atop crisp sheets and under a top-notch duvet. 

Heading to Taipei soon? Book yourself a stay at citizenM here.


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