#BuroLive Episode 4: Checking in with the judges of the Mr & Mrs Smith Hotel Awards

#BuroLive Episode 4: Checking in with the judges of the Mr & Mrs Smith Hotel Awards


Text: Denise Kok

Have you inked your travel plans for this year? Editor in chief Norman Tan speaks to two intrepid explorers who know a thing or two about checking in and taking flight

The results for the Mr & Mrs Smith Hotel Awards have finally been announced and we have with us in the studio three judges — restaurateur Javier Perez, international media personality and #FriendOfBuro Anita Kapoor, and editor-in-chief of Buro 24/7 Singapore Norman Tan — who were tasked to select the winning hotels for their respective categories. In this episode, they let us in on how and why they settled on their winning picks. 

As usual, Fahima throws us a few curve balls with her segment, The Real Fake News — but not before we launch into a lively session of Pictionary where Norman Tan's sketch of a Chinese city resembles... a bar of soap. 

Judges for Mr & Mrs Smith Hotel Awards. 


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