Boutique travel agencies with unique destinations to offer: Black Tomato,  Go Anywhr and more

Boutique travel agencies with unique destinations to offer: Black Tomato, Go Anywhr and more

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Text: Marielle Solano

Convenience, leisure, exploration, the world at your fingertips — sounds like travel planning perfected to us. Especially if we're living our days out in a constant state of organised mess. Yet, we scoff at the idea of scurrying in a pack of 20, while adhering to the impossible schedule of a stressed out guide bearing a weathered flag. Lucky for us, boutique travel agencies are paving the way for our travels. Get acquainted with these professional travel agencies that are customised to your travel goals, whether you're seeking wanderlust, adventure, spectacular grub, or all of the above. Don't worry, Chan Brothers isn't on this list. 

Black Tomato

For soul searchers who travel to find themselves

This luxury travel agency prides itself on offering trips filled with meaning and purpose for every traveller. Other than their honeymoon, beach, family, and adventure deals, their unique "Bring it Back" experience leads you on a quest for answers to the questions for yourself you have long left unanswered. They provide tangible suggestions for your journey of self-discovery; this includes a pre-planned Morocco itinerary for creatives seeking inspiration, one for Copenhagen for those struggling to find their ideal work-life balance, and a refreshing one in Mongolia giving you the opportunity to actively reflect on, work on, and strengthen familial relations.

Another specialty you'd be remiss to miss out on: their Get Lost package, in which you have the chance to disconnect from the world completely for a few days, exploring unfamiliar terrain with nothing but your wits under the watchful but unseen eye of Black Tomato staff. It's a real challenge, but one whose fruits are irreplaceable for those who crave a sense of accomplishment that can't be found in the modern world today.

Book an enlightening and enriching trip with Black Tomato now.


Amala Destinations

For those with a rampant fascination with the blooming Asian region

With their expansive, intimate knowledge about Asia and its richness, Amala Destinations is able to offer a service that is fully bespoke and authentic. They have grown formidable local networks all over Asia throughout the years that they have then generously shared with us, allowing us to experience genuine connections with the cultures of Asia and beyond. Choose from an enviable selection of journeys reaching Bhutan in the Himalayas, South Asia (including India and Sri Lanka), East Asia (ramen's not the same anywhere but Japan!), Southeast Asia (if you don't want to venture quite so far from home but appreciate the beauty of diversity), and other non-Asian countries such as Romania and Italy. You can control exactly what you want to do in these countries, but if you're facing decision paralysis, their sample Paths for each city provide wonderful suggestions on how you can get the most out of your vacation.

Let Amala Destinations help you explore what the Asian continent, and the world, has to offer.

Blue Sky Escapes

For those looking to connect with the people and personalities of the world

No man's an island, and when we land on foreign shores, the constant we can expect is the presence of kindred spirit in fellow man. Blue Sky Escapes emphasises experiences that are special not just because of the destination, but because of the people who join you on your travels. You can experience intimacy from all directions during your travels, whether they're from the leaders handpicked by the agency who're fully qualified to reveal to you the true essence of a place, or if it's from like-minded voyagers you come across on your journey. Indeed, their insider journeys are designed to help you "find your tribe", because what better icebreaker is there than the impact of mother earth's humbling majesty while you trek through the mountain peaks of Kathmandu? Talk about a conversation starter.

True to their people-oriented approach to worldliness, Blue Sky Escapes makes it easy for you to host festivities and functions in a remote location to give your event that extra kick of fantastical reality. Their connections with various hotels and other forms of accommodation provide customers with the most attractive rates for the best locales, all while managing to liven the party up with destination-appropriate details catered to your whim. The (blue) sky's the limit when you plan your next celebration with the people you love.

Meet and connect with worldly people on your next trip with Blue Sky Escapes.

Scott Dunn

For those who love being spoiled for choice

Among the largest travel agencies in the world, Scott Dunn has an impressive repository of over 42 destination places with bespoke plans, novel trip ideas for the open-ended traveller, and special events that can get you connected directly with the company's many travel specialists. They're the perfect choice if you have a deep passion for all things travel; they not only help you plan your holidays, but also host functions where you can just enthuse about the act of travelling itself. 

Join Scott Dunn in their quest to nurture travel hobbyists and wanderlusters everywhere.

Go Anywhr

For those who enjoy spontaneity and a sense of adventure

Up for some mystery? Go Anywhr can help. With its Survivor-esque blueprint, you begin your escapade by making some choices, including your preferred continent to visit, how long you want to stay, the theme of your mystery, and flight and accommodation preferences. Now this is where the fun begins: you get a teaser email 3 days after booking your trip, hinting at what's in store for you with such details as your departure timing and the weather you should pack for. A week before your trip — and the plot thickens — you receive an enigmatic mail from Go Anywhr; but spoiler alert: you're only allowed to open it when you reach the airport. If going literally anywhr (pun intended) without knowing exactly where beforehand sounds like a blast (as it does for us), Go Anywhr is the travel agency for you.

Go Anywhr can keep you at the edge of your seat for an unforgettable, suspenseful adventure.

Escape Travels

For those who enjoy convenience and hate decision-making

Escape Travels fulfils all the expectations that its name promises. With thematic and goal-oriented tour groups, their diverse options provide a quick way of signing up for your next trip in a fuss-free, straight-to-checkout manner that's particularly convenient for the happy-go-lucky traveller. If you have a general idea of where you want to go but don't know what exactly to do there, Escape Travels will help you escape from planning woes and from the resignation to staying home. No clue where to next? Scrolling through their list of group tours also saves you from relentless brainstorming. Leave the decision-making to Escape Travels and make your next trip a smooth-flowing, ready-made adventure.

Book your tailor-made trip with Escape Travels now.