The Boracay closure: 10 spectacular beach destinations to visit instead

Catch you later Boracay

10 strong contenders that could rival the stunning island of Boracay

News of Boracay's shocking temporary closure broke last week, shedding light on what a dire case of tourism boom could do for a destination — severe pollution and a threat to general safety.

The unfortunate hiatus serves as a timely wake-up call, especially following the closure of Thailand's popular Maya Bay (its rise led by sleeper hit The Beach back in 2000). A reminder for travellers like us to be more mindful and considerate of the places we visit despite being led by our hedonistic instincts — to be protectors of the beauty we fly thousands of miles to bask in. That said, while we're going to miss the enhcanting wonders of Boracay for six months, we bring you a list of 10 other postcard-worthy beach holidays to fill the void.

This time, perhaps pack a bag of sensibility with you — the last thing we want is another demise of a stunning destination. 

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