BlackBook: A new travel app that offers the largest hotel inventory to date

BlackBook: A new travel app that offers the largest hotel inventory to date

A download away

Text: Amelia Chia

We're living in a generation where travel has become so integrated with our daily lives — we barely blink anymore when the next person on your Instagram Stories is jetting off thousands of miles away. With travel trends on the up, so are the masterminds behind apps and websites aiming to take the stress out of your next adventure.

BlackBook is one such brilliant idea, where its creators have put together the largest hotel inventory of over 1.82 million listings. It also features an excellent rewards conversion program and an intuitive trip-planning tool. Before you download the Singapore-based app, which is launching next month, here's your cheat sheet on what to expect for your peace of mind. Goodbye, other travel platforms, and hello, all-in-one genius.

myBlackBook interface

Upsized inventory

There's really no need to check any other website. With 1.82 million listings, BlackBook has 40 percent more hotel inventory than any of its competitors. The super-smart app generates highly competitive rates, which sifts through 9.5 million price points daily. It will also navigate price disparities, and integrate reviews from multiples websites so there's no need to have your 25 tabs open any longer.

Quick gratification

Our favourite bit: finally, a rewards system that doesn't take forever to come to fruition or expire before you even get a chance to use it. Points earned through your first booking can be used immediately to offset your next stay, pay for a drink at the hotel lounge, or be redeemed as cash through respective credit cards. A piggy bank that doesn't take years to break open? Yas.

There's 1.82 million hotel listings on BlackBook

A multitasking saviour

Remember the good old days of travel when we had to print out walking maps and carry notebooks with information before we went on holiday? Then we graduated to taking notes on our phones and downloaded other newfangled apps to navigate foreign streets. myBlackBook is an in-app travel companion that takes it to the next level — packing in 32 million Points of Interest (POI), you can craft your day's route by adding or removing POIs. You can also share itineraries, enable currency conversions with 165 different currencies, set calendar reminders, and check your booking details.

BlackBook 2.0

The best part is that it doesn't end here. BlackBook is constantly rolling out fresh features — in time to come, expect to be able to book flights, travel insurance, attractions, transfers, car rentals, restaurants and ride-hailing facilities through the app. All hail the power of one.

For more information, visit BlackBook. BlackBook is also available for download at both the Apple App Store and Google Play this December.