The best (and worst) new luxury hotels of 2017

No holds barred

Text: Janice Sim

Image: Luxury Travel Intelligence

Who made it to the top and who fell short of our expectations? You're about to find out

What's in a luxury hotel? While most might think that means a definitive nod to scoring a stay at the best hotel, unfortunately, not all high-end brands prove to live up to its prestigious calling. 

Here to make the call of judgement are discerning experts, Luxury Travel Intelligence (LTI), as they list the best and worst new luxury hotels of 2017. 12 of their highly experienced crew have done thorough research on every single property, on their own dollar, to bring truth to luxury travel. This year, they visited 74 new hotels, and discovered 14 truly exceptional properties, and only two that didn't quite live up to their name. No. 1 on their list? The Bulgari in Dubai, which has only been open for less than a month. 

See how the hotels fared in the gallery above (ranked in order of their appearance).

Best New Luxury Hotels of 2017:

1. The Bulgari, Dubai      

2. The Ned, London

3. Villa La Coste, Provence

4. Hotel de Crillon, Paris

5. Chable Resort, Yucatan

6. Burgenstock Hotel, Lucerne 

7. Nobu Ryoken, Malibu

8. Hotel Eden, Rome

9. Kokomo Island, Fiji

10. Four Seasons Surf Club, Miami

11. Jackalope, Victoria, Australia

12. Palacio Tangara, Sao Paulo

13. The Silo, Cape Town

14. The Whitby, New York

Worst New Luxury Hotels of 2017 (in no particular order): 

1. Dukes Dubai

2. Five Dubai

For more information, visit LTI. 


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