Best new tapas bars in Barcelona

Best new tapas bars in Barcelona

Tiny morsels

Text: Adina Laura-Achim

Editor: Amelia Chia

These bite-sized tapas at Barcelona's finest establishments may be small, but are deceptively delicious

Culture, history, art, an amazing shopping experience and one of the best football teams in the world make Barcelona a must-visit city.

Being in constant competition with Madrid, Barcelona has learned to use all its charm and power in order to attract an increasing number of international tourists. Annually, millions of tourists select Barcelona as their holiday destination due to the city's relaxing vibe, fantastic coastline and famous nightlife. But Barcelona is more than world-class beaches, Gaudi masterpieces, walks around Las Ramblas or the Gothic Quarter. It's also the unofficial gastronomic metropolis amongst foodies around the word.

There are a variety of bars and tapas restaurants, which transform the Catalan city into a culinary heaven — and as an international foodie who divides her time between the world and Catalonia, I've tried and tested quite a few of these places. Forget the tourist traps and old favourites for now, because below, you'll find my personal selection of the best and newest tapas bars in Barcelona. This is the list you'll want to share with your friends to look like the travel insider amongst your group.

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La Niña de Mis Ojos

Whether you're checking this place out for its tapas or its exquisite menu, La Niña de Mis Ojos will leave you speechless thanks to its interior design, food and wine selection, and professionalism of their staff. They say "sharing is caring" but sharing your plate with others might come harder than you think in this place.


Following the success of its restaurant in Madrid, Fismuler's management has finally decided to open an establishment in Barcelona. Inspired by new culinary trends from Northern Europe, expect simplicity, freshness and quality ingredients in this fusion joint. Try their burrata salad if you want a beautiful, refreshing starter, or a roasted pork loin as a fulfilling main.

fismuler, barcelona

Tapas 24 

Tapas 24 is a tribute to both traditional and modern tapas, and their newest outlet in Diagonal is less than a year old. Over here, you can't miss the mollete de calamares (squid), bikini sandwich (toasted ham and cheese sandwich), and the quintessential Catalan dish les nostres braves (potatoes).

Barra Alta

Don't expect rustic tapas in here as Barra Alta serves up everything with a side of luxury. Be sure to call for the salmon nuggets with mayonnaise, one of their renowned specialities.

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La Raspa 

The secret to La Raspa is how brilliantly they reinvent traditional dishes, giving them a new life and a contemporary interpretation. You cannot leave La Raspa without trying their vermouth — which exquisitely flavours every local dinner.

Lata Berna 

The original Lata Berna is well-known name in Barcelona, hence its second establishment in Poble Nou. Culinary originality is a key concept at Lata Berna, and the little toppings of food served in here are unique with an international flair.

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