Best detox retreats around the world for weight loss, fitness programs, and medicinal treatments

Best detox retreats around the world for weight loss, fitness programs, and medicinal treatments

No time for toxic

Text: Marielle Solano

It's innate to us all — travelling has been a trope for an escape from daily frustrations (read: work) – particularly for fatigued souls just looking to re-center. But there can be other ways besides submerging yourself in unbridled luxury in a bid for that coveted state of post-holiday contentment. Perhaps, one that can be enriching and life-changing. Like detox programs — catered to achieving results that are grounded and centered around yourself – be it getting acquainted with fitness, going on a cleanse, or attaining spiritual balance. Your productive streak doesn't have to end just because you're going on sabbatical – not when luxury and wellness are combined for your benefit by these top detox-focused resorts. Plus, you'll be homebound with a renewed self (and waistline), apart from a suitcase with dirty laundry.

The Ranch at Live Oak, California

For those looking to lose weight

The Ranch, luxury, fitness, and wellness retreat

Don't be fooled by the serene image put forth by The Ranch – their programs are intensive, immersive, and demanding, if the celebrity success stories that come out of this place are any indication (Rebel Wilson lost 8 pounds over four days at The Ranch 4.0). With a pre-dawn wake-up call at 5.30am, and mountain hiking, strength conditioning and restorative yoga littering the rest of the day's schedule, you know you'll be going to bed at the end of the day thoroughly – and satisfyingly – worked through.

Absolute Sanctuary, Thailand

For those looking to go through a toxin-detox

Absolute Sanctuary, Thailand, wellness fitness

Equipped with a holistic approach to wellness, Absolute Sanctuary's yoga and pilates studios, hydrotherapy rooms, and fitness center are just a few of the facilities you will be privy to as a guest with fitness goals during the duration of your stay. And if you're looking to flush out the bad toxins a careless diet has built up in your system, they've got you covered – guests are entitled to lots of natural coconut juice, wholesome broth soups at your beck and call, and up to four detox drinks per day.

Como Shambhala Estate, Bali

For those looking to re-center through bespoke therapies

COMO Shambhala Estate

We know by now how reliable Como Shambhala Estate is – their dedication to professional, informed health and fitness is easily deduced from the experts they keep on board, like a resident Ayurvedic doctor and dietician. So you know you're in the best hands when detoxing with them – and all that awaits the starving soul is a curated, back-to-nature, and enchanting journey exploring the spirituality of the estate and its surrounding cultures.

Vivamayr Altaussee, Austria

For those looking for scientific and medicinal solutions

Vivamayr Altaussee

What's better than having a healthy gut? A healthy gut achieved by a pristine lake as reflective as mirrors, all while filling your lungs with the pure, crisp air of an Austrian mountainside. The medi-clinics in Vivamayr Altaussee have developed a 'Cure' for your body's imbalances, one that includes personalized lab work that leads to all-rounded treatments, and of course drinking from the naturally-occurring mineral salt water banks in their land. Take seven days to reboot your whole system, following their carefully-planned regime of gentle diets and Mayr medicine to lose weight, lower blood pressures, fix postures and reenergize.

The Farm at San Benito, Philippines

For those looking to still indulge

The Farm at San Benito

Old Macdonald had a farm – but no one's really had one like The Farm at San Benito. Other than the signature top-notch spa services they offer, they also specialize in crafting organic vegan cuisine, doling out personal training sessions, and providing doctor-created energy work rooted in Chinese medicine. All this, without having to forsake on the high-end luxury comforts you want and more – how far you push yourself is entirely up to you; you can take it easy with leisure sports and spiritual treatments, or you can sweat it out as much as your heart desires within the comforts of their beautiful compound.

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