The best coffee spots in Amsterdam

The best coffee spots in Amsterdam


Text: The HUNT Guides

Image: Ali Ronca

Ali Ronca of The HUNT Guides Amsterdam, tells us where to go for our caffeine fix in the The Dam

While Amsterdam's coffee scene might feel miles behind the likes of Melbourne, Seattle, and Pereira, a steady stream of expats have ensured the city is home to a fair number of excellent cafés (not to be confused with the notorious "coffee shops"), attracting those who want an indulgent experience versus the clichéd European quick shot of caffeine. Pop by these gems to pick up a skillfully brewed cup of joe.

My personal pick is De Wasserette ("the laundry"). With that statement comes a confession: I've never purchased coffee beans or grounds to have on hand at home. De Wasserette is about 30 steps from my apartment, and their brew is so good, I could never justify making my own when they're right downstairs. While some think the secret to a great mug lies in the beans, as a latte lady, for me, it's all about the milk. And the milk here is always perfect — never too hot or cold, and ideally balanced with a strong shot of espresso.

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A close second is Scandinavian Embassy. As the name implies, this joint captures their flavours from the best of Scandinavia. Coffee creations range from classic macchiatos to unique coffee cherry kombuchas, with their cold brew and tonic water being my summertime choice.

Sitting on the edge of de Pijp is Coffee & Coconuts. This three-story café is ideal for working, relaxing, and, of course, sipping — a vibe that's hard to find elsewhere in town. There are fluffy pillows tossed about, a fresh, white interior, gentle lighting and a smart drink menu wherein all beverages are made with a double shot.

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In the west, two notable coffee shops stand out. The first, White Label Coffee, is a specialty roaster on Jan Evertsenstraat that serves quality drinks. Their brews are divine and their selection cannot be beat. Another roaster, Lot Sixty One serves equally great black stuff. Stools are surrounded by bags of beans and their roastery is located downstairs, visible to all who pop by.

In the east, Coffee Bru is king. Although located in a quiet residential area, there's ample outdoor seating so you can soak up the sun while you enjoy your bounty. Their flat white, with its velvety, smooth milk, is truly the tastiest in town, and their irresistible selection of sweets will give you that extra energy kick.

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