The world's top cities for solo travel

Text: Janice Sim

Time to embark on your next voyage of self-discovery

Truth be told, you don't need to be an introvert to enjoy travelling alone. A solo voyage comes with the freedom to see the world through your own self-curated lens, anytime and anywhere on your own account. Feel like waking up at noon? By all means. Want to have three coffees a day? Knock yourself out. We hate to say this, but sometimes life takes a turn for the better when you're the only factor involved. So when Airbnb released a list of their top trending cities for solo travels, we were stoked. This year is all about Cancún in Mexico, Johannesburg in South Africa, Auckland in New Zealand, Busan in South Korea, and Charlotte in the United States. So quit stalling, and book your ticket for one, stat. 


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