Bawah Reserve: Asia’s first all-inclusive luxury retreat is our weekend escape of choice

Bawah Reserve: Asia’s first all-inclusive luxury retreat is our weekend escape of choice

Into the blue

Text: Rachel Ng

Luxury is taking on an all-inclusive new look

Luxury retreats are aplenty and growing — and we're sure it reflects on your social media newsfeeds. With each resort attempting to outdo the other, we are left wondering what comes next, or could actually possibly come next. Here's one answer: given the entrepreneurs they are, Bawah Reserve has gone beyond physical constraints to curate an experience that stretches beyond the allures of a single locality. With its new amphibious seaplane, Bawah Reserve will be the first all-inclusive retreat in Asia to include all spa treatments, guest experiences and round-trip transfers via its new amphibious seaplane in one package. And it starts from the first foot out of your door.

Your journey begins with a pick-up from your home and an escort from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal to Batam International Airport, where you'll board the fabled amphibious plane to the elusive, far-flung corners of Indonesia. Just 80 minutes later, brace yourself for a grand arrival in the beauty of six forest-clad islands and 13 beaches of white hourglass sand. Take a moment to embrace the grandeur of the surrounding South China Sea and its lush forestry; you’ll soon be waking up to a similar tranquility of clear turquoise waters and blue lagoons. Your retreat has officially begun.

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True to the spirit of all-inclusivity, Bawah Reserve offers a world of indulgence for both the outdoor enthusiast and paradise seekers looking for relaxation. Head out for an adventure of kayaking and snorkelling around the lagoons, or trek through the forest for a hit of intoxicating freshness. Otherwise, stay in for some gentle rejuvenation — a beachside infinity pool offers a cooling dip with views of the lagoon below, while therapists at Aura, the spa sanctuary, can help you identify your personal preferences to achieve a deeply relaxed state of equilibrium. Want a mix of active and relaxing? The 100ft high yoga pavilion and the adjacent tennis courts will be there to meet that balance. Whatever your needs, just let your assigned personal host know. There will be a little something for everyone out there.

Baw Reserve retreat, luxury, resort, Indonesia, amphibious plane

Indulgence permeates every corner of this retreat — treetop and beachside restaurants included. Recipes here are a sensational mix of typical Indonesian flavours and refined international culinary art, and if you wish, a touch of your personal palate preference. The culinary team is determined to spoil you with a personalised dining experience, so let your requests be known.

Bawah Reserve retreat, luxury, resort, Indonesia, amphibious plane

Choose from a selection of three different types of suites — The Beach Suites, Over Water Suites, and Garden Suites. All suites feature a beautifully appointed bedroom, spacious bathroom and a relaxing outdoor living area with breathtaking views across the lagoon.

The best part? Everything has been developed in an ecologically-sound manner, creating a harmonious flow between nature and modernity to meet your indulgent needs, sustainably. 

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Bawah Reserve is now officially open. To book a stay, click here.