#TravelTuesday: Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts opens in Cuba

#TravelTuesday: Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts opens in Cuba

Cuba calling

Text: Denise Kok

The homegrown brand is the first Singaporean hospitality firm to plant a flag in Cuba

Dhawa Cayo Santa Maria might mean nothing to you—for now, at least—but these four little words mark Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts' very first property in Cuba. Following two successful openings in Mexico, the group continues to grow its presence in South America with this breezy property in Cuba. 

dhawa cayo santa maria banyan tree

Located on Cayo Santa Maria island, the 516-room resort will see more than half its rooms backed with ocean views. Guests will also have five restaurants and four bars to choose from when the hunger pangs hit. Given the resort's beachfront perch, you'll find plenty of beach and pool activities to keep one and all busy. But after flying halfway around the world, working on your tan is probably the least of your priorities. After all, Cuba beckons with its heritage-rich cities, lush forests, and crystal clear sea waters proffering a rich coral and marine life.  

dhawa cayo santa maria banyan tree

As with the group's enduring commitment to Mother Earth, a focus on environmental conservation activities take centre stage with caring for flamingo birds that gather near a small lake by the hotel's Fuego Del Mar restaurant.  

Dhawa Cayo Santa Maria will take reservations
 from 15 January 2017. For more information, visit Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts