Autumn season in Asia: Top 5 destinations to witness maple leaves in full bloom

Autumn season in Asia: Top 5 destinations to witness maple leaves in full bloom

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Text: Corinne Cheah

Some love the balmy tropics, while others seek out frigid temperatures. But autumn is arguably the best time of the year. Well for starters, it's in between. The weather is kind, cool and breezy; coupled with the dreamy riot of red and orange hues. The good news is, you don't have to fly all the way to Canada just to catch a glimpse of maple-tree leaves. Our reliable sources at Klook have listed five best destinations in Asia — where you can admire fall foliage in full bloom. 

Izu Peninsula, Japan 
When to visit: November - early December

A resort area well-known for its hot springs, beaches and scenic mountains, Izu Peninsula offers pleasant woodland treks, saffron-hued leaves, and steamy hot spring experiences. Overlooking the mountains and sea, the hot spring baths are a popular choice to admire the beauty of the fall foliage in its surroundings.

Izu Peninsula

Hakone, Japan
When to visit: Early November - late November

If you are not afraid of heights, head up to Hakone's mountain railway which is particularly popular during the fall foliage season. The Hayakawa bridge, sandwiched between Tonosawa and Ohiradai stations provides visitors with a dazzling view of the multi-hued fall foliage and the ravine.



Kyoto, Japan
When to visit: Mid-November - early December

Head to the West of Kyoto to visit Mount Arashi (Arashiyama), one of the most well-known mountains amongst tourists. Just like a painting, be amazed as you witness the many shades of red, brown and yellow come together to compose a captivating scenery. You cannot miss Kiyomizu-dera temple which is a UNESCO world heritage site. With a wooden stage that protrudes out from its main hall and 13 metres above the hillside, visitors are treated to a grand view of maple trees as well as the city of Kyoto in the distance.


Nikko, Japan
When to visit: Early October - mid-November

The mountains surrounding lake Chuzenji provide spectacular fall scenery which can be appreciated from Chuzenjiko Onsen, sightseeing cruises or from the Hangetsuyama observation deck on the mountain southeast of the lake. Enjoy a breathtaking view of  Kegon falls, lake Chuzenji and Mt. Nantaisan at the observation deck of Akechidaira where you can relish in the vibrant colours of fall.


Naejangsan Mountain, South Korea
When to visit: October - November

Naejangsan National Park is home to Naejangsan or Mt. Naejang and its hillsides and pathways are embellished and brightened up with golden and red leaves. Take a stroll along the tree-lined path from the hiking information center to Naejangsan Temple and take in its magnificant display of multicolored fall leaves. Instead of hopping onto the cable car to the top of Naejang Mountain, beat the queues and challenge yourself with a hike up the mountain.

Naejangsan Mountain

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