Astrotourism in Argentina: Scott Dunn has curated trips to catch the solar eclipse this July

Astrotourism in Argentina: Scott Dunn has curated trips to catch the solar eclipse this July

Sun and moon

Text: Scott Dunn

Argentina may be known for soccer legend Lionel Messi, the vibrant tango and extravagant asados (mixed meat grill); but let this year put the country on the map as being one of the only two places in the world to see the total eclipse on 2 July 2019. Riding on the wave, astrotourism has gained popularity as a trend over the years. Luxury bespoke travel operator Scott Dunn shares with us more on this once-in-a-lifetime sighting and where you can witness this spectacular scene of darkness. 

The solar eclipse is considered by some as a semi-spiritual event and one of the most impressive sights for astrotourists to witness. Secluded at an altitude of 3000 ft is Estancia Los Potretos, a working cattle ranch that is nestled between the Pampas and the towering Andes. Here, you get to experience an authentic estancia stay (South American estates built around cattle rearing); along with unforgettable stargazing. Step into one of the accommodations and you'll be greeted with antique art and interiors that showcase original store walls, exposed wooden beams and locally made textiles. Interior of one of the accomodations of Estancia Los Potreros

In the day, explore the vast plains with long or short horseback rides with the option of private or group sessions. Other activities include herding cattle, feeding foals and rounding up the horses. Alternatively, take a walk and appreciate the serene countryside of the Sierras. End the day with an evening cocktail that is to be enjoyed on the porch or tuck into local cuisine prepared by a resident chef boasting homegrown organic vegetables and fruits from the estancia.

We're ready to take on Argentina this 2019. 

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