Aman launches sister brand Janu for 2022: A resort with affordable rates and a focus on wellness

Aman launches sister brand Janu for 2022: A resort with affordable rates and a focus on wellness

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Text: Natasha Khoury

Editor: Janice Sim

When you picture a hospitality brand that's the cream of the crop, you think Aman Resorts. Best known amongst the elite, their properties are frequented by A-list celebrities (with the likes of David Bowie, the Kardashians, and the late Princess Diana) and are still consistently ranking the top of every wanderluster's bucket list. Now, in a more accessible move, Aman is launching a sister brand — Janu. Think hospitality in the same vein of Aman marked with affordable rates, and the notion of building human connections all blended together in one exceptional resort.

Janu Montenegro

Now you may be wondering  besides its friendlier rates  what makes this resort so special when held up against the untouchable Aman? There really isn't a true comparison, especially when we're talking about brands fashioned in the same DNA of ethereal design, impeccable service, and a deep association to the destination of its choice. Translating to 'soul', Janu places an emphasis on strengthening connections through purposeful experiences whether it be group class workouts or expansive wellness facilities. So whilst you break a sweat, you can forge new friendships in the process. Its first three hotels is set to open in Montenegro, Saudi Arabia, and Tokyo in 2022, rooted on addresses that are less secluded as compared to the exclusivity and far-flung footprint of Aman Resorts. Janu, on the other hand wishes to focus on opening dynamic social spaces — comprising of dramatic open kitchens, lively counter-top displays, and vibrant lounge and bar spaces.

Expect multiple pools, cabanas, mesmerising coastline views and the highlight, Janu Spa for all things zen. On top of that, the restaurants and bars are going to be open all-day and well into the evening so you can devour indulgent food and get your drinks on 24/7. We suggest stowing your iPhones and work inbox away; a stay at Janu means creating connections (to yourself, your companion, or even a new friend) sans the technology and chaos.

Janu Montenegro

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