Aman Kyoto: Japan's third Aman resort is set to open in November 2019

Aman Kyoto: Japan's third Aman resort is set to open in November 2019

Ohayo Kyoto

Text: Corinne Cheah

If you love Japan for all its amazing offerings that span from warm hospitality to wholesome food to culturally-rich architecture, it's time to set your sights on Kyoto. Especially with Aman's latest announcment of its third resort in Japan — in the country's imperial capital of Kyoto. Marrying the country's ryokan and onsen tradition with a contemporary concept, the result is an authentic Kyoto haven situated in a hidden garden in the district of Takagamine. As you walk down moss-covered stone pathways and garden stairways, admire orange-red hued yama momiji maples and the towering kitayama-sugi (Japanese cedar).  

Surrounded by nature, the resort's capacity of 24 rooms have either expansive views of a garden or stream, as well as two-bedroom Pavilion villas that overlook the forest canopy. Akin to walking through a fully furnished Muji inspired bedroom, your inner minimalist will thank you with the room's custom-designed furniture, floor-to-ceiling windows and tatami mats. Get the chance to appreciate the handiwork of local artisans such as handmade raku tile panels and custom-made ceramic tiles in the living pavilion and restaurant respectively — complemented with the interior's neutral color palette. Roping nature into each guest room, their ofuro bathtubs are made of hinoki cypress wood, which is native to central Japan. Kyoto Aman will also feature their signature restaurant in the Dining Pavilion that will showcases Japanese haute cuisine comprising of hand-picked local produce. Aman

Another integral element of the resort, Aman Spa fully utilises its surrounding natural spring water — a great rarity in the region — for its traditional onsen baths. This goes hand in hand with their treatments highlighting Japan's natural apothecary ingredients such as Kyoto green tea and local saké. If you're looking for things to do, the 17 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Kyoto will definitely keep you busy.

A nature sanctuary abundant in culture, local produce and Japanese-made interiors — we are definitely stoked to see this come into reality later this year. 

Aman Kyoto is scheduled to open on 1 November 2019.