Aman is opening three eco-friendly resorts in the Middle East in 2023

Aman is opening three eco-friendly resorts in the Middle East in 2023

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Text: Amelia Chia

The Aman group is no stranger to developing hotels in the world's most grandiose landscapes. There's Amangiri in the remote desert plains of Utah, Amankora in the majestic valleys of Bhutan, and Amanzoe, on a hilltop in Greece surrounded by undulating olive groves. Couple that with stellar service and the prestige that Aman are known for and you have a large fanbase that are willing to shell out enough to stay at one of these properties. (Eva Chen, for one, has mentioned that Amangiri is on her personal bucket list.)

 The Shaaran nature reserve in Saudi Arabia

In 2023, Aman takes on Saudi Arabia with three new luxury resorts in Al Ula, one of the Kingdom's most historic and archeologically important sites. Al Ula is home to towering sandstone mountains, jaw-dropping valleys, and ancient ruins where the Lihyan and Nabataean Kingdoms reigned. It also has Saudi Arabia's first UNESCO World Heritage Site, Hegra, known for over 100 well-preserved rock-cut tombs featuring elaborate facades. Jean Nouvel — the ingenious architect behind the Louvre Abu Dhabi — is behind this project, which will encompass a tented camp, a spa destination close to Al Ula's spectacular heritage areas, and a ranch-style desert resort. All three resorts will embrace eco-tourism in line with the Royal Commission for Al Ula's commitment to sensitive development.

Aman in Al Ula also makes it the luxury hotel group's first foray into the Middle East. Given the region's rich culture and sublime vistas, we're certain it won't be the last.

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