Best first class airlines: The most impressive and luxurious flights in the clouds

Best first class airlines: The most impressive and luxurious flights in the clouds

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Text: Corinne Cheah

How well do you know the airlines that you fly with? Or rather, how well do you know the perks that come with your first-class ticket? From having a personal assistant who will shadow you every step of the way to wearing your very own branded pajamas to enjoying award-winning alcoholic beverages on board, we bring to you the best luxe airline perks that we are totally diggin'. 

Lufthansa Airlines 

First class perks start even before you fly  depending on certain aircraft positions, you will be chauffeur-driven straight to your aircraft in a limousine or a private minivan. On board, there's the classic caviar service — served on daytime and evening first-class flights as a separate course, and you get to decide when you would like to have it. You'll be gifted with the baby La Prairie moisturising lip balm, Cellular Swiss ice crystal cream and cellular hand cream — all packaged in a Rimowa hard case — to fight the cabin dryness. Across the different aircrafts, you can expect a temperature-regulating duvet, soundproof curtains and sound insulation that muffles background noises and footsteps. Overhead bins are also removed on its A380-800 aircrafts, providing a sense of spaciousness. 


Emirates Airlines 

Nothing is more comfortable than slipping into a set of moisturizing loungewear with matching slippers and eye mask; made better with Bvlgari's Eau Parfumée au Thé Noir and other long-haul beauty must-haves. Never stress about limp hair or dry skin as you freshen up with their onboard shower spa. Live the high SES life with fine dining at your disposal any time and enjoy a lounge bar that is stocked with a selection of premium beverages and canapés. Perks are not limited to onboard — complimentary chauffeur drive service will collect you from your doorstep to the airport and pick-up on arrival. 


Qantas Airlines 

Ever wondered what it feels like to be wearing pajamas designed by the very same designer worn by Meghan Markle? You now can with Qantas' tailored 100% cotton unisex pajamas with a tapered silhouette by Australian designer Martin Grant. Both your mind and body will be taken care of as you are escorted through security and led straight to the first class lounge for a meal. A complimentary 20-minute pre-flight facial or massage is also available at the Aurora Day Spa. On board, you never have to worry about stiff muscles and boredom from long-haul flights: seats are equipped with a massage function, 17-inch touch screen and noise-canceling headphones. 


Singapore Airlines 

A partnership with the Italian luxury brand, Singapore airlines first-class amenities kit features Salvatore Ferragamo miniature Eau de Parfum and Signorina. Had a peek at the in-flight menu and your heart is set on something? You can reserve your main course up to 24 hours before you fly to avoid being disappointed. Sit back and keep yourself entertained with the in-flight entertainment on your very own 23-inch personal LCD TV and Bose noise-canceling headphones. A great way to fly, indeed. 



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