A vegan's guide in Europe: Tasting the best treats and eats

A vegan's guide in Europe: Tasting the best treats and eats

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Text: Janice Sim

We're almost at the end of 2018 and veganism has escalated to something more than just piling up tofu on your plate. The uprising of it is prevelant especially in Europe — with vegan-friendly restaurants, eateries and cafes sprouting up in every city.

To help you during your next escapade, recipe box provider Gousto has dreamed up a foodie interralling trip through Europe, fit for a vegan. Even if you aren't fully convinced on the diet standpoint, these spots might be delicious enough to change your mind.

Manna, London
One of Europe's oldest and finest gourmet establishments for vegetarian food that is now 100% vegan

42 Degrés, Paris
A raw food restaurant where all dishes are made from raw or dehydrated foods

Mr and Mrs Watson, Amsterdam
A cheese lovers paradise; they make their own vegan cheese in-house to go with all their inventive dishes

Vegan spots in Europe

Froindlichst The Vegan Muscateers, Hamburg
An outrageously large variety of exclusively vegan delicacies such as sweet cake for the Zuckerzahn, hearty Burgers, Burritos & Pizza and fresh Bowls

Sfizy Veg, Berlin 
Real Italian pizza in Berlin; owned by an Italian expat and vegan who creates traditional north italian pizza with a range of vegan cheeses

Vegan spots in Europe

Youmiko, Warsaw
100% vegan sushi with options like marinated tomato (to replicate tuna nigiri) and crispy shiitake mushroom (like soft shell crab)

Moment Cafe, Prague
A cute little cafe tucked away on the outskirts of the city that is the perfect stop for coffee, breakfast, lunch, or desserts

Crème de la Crème, Prague 
If you've got a sweet tooth this will be your favourite stop; they have a range of vegan ice-creams, our favourite is the pistachio

Vegan spots in Europe

Find out how to adopt a plant-based diet here. 

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