6 tips for capturing the perfect beach shot

6 tips for capturing the perfect beach shot

Beach, please

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Don't risk getting sunburnt while trying to capture your postcard-perfect memories

Capturing that perfect shot at the beach isn't as easy as it looks. If the sun's raging, light flares and harsh shadows can turn your photos from fab to drab. If a perfect Instagram photo — and not a tan — is what you're after, head down to the beach at sunrise or sunset when the light is low. If the sunset is spectacular, you're in luck — nature has done all the work for you. For all the other times, these tips will come in handy.


If you're using a camera

1. Keep the sun out of the frame to avoid lens flare and over exposed areas unless you want to play with silhouettes by shooting your subject with the sun behind them.

2. Use beach mode to avoid dark pictures as strong light reflections will confuse your camera's light meter.

Shoot with flash to even out any harsh shadows caused by the sun.

4. Focus on people and subjects in frame by pressing the shutter button on the camera halfway. This also helps change the overall lighting for the shot and could make a world of difference. 

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If you're shooting on your smartphone

1. Move your phone around and explore different angles to see how the exposure will affect your shot. Play with the focus by tapping at various points in your screen. 

2. Experiment with the pre-set camera filters on your phone. This could result in surprisingly gorgeous and professional-looking photos. 


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