Zoom or Google Meet: Which video conferencing platform should you use?

Zoom or Google Meet: Which video conferencing platform should you use?

Down to the details

Text: Karelle Ng

Love them or hate them, online video conferences have now become the norm – whether it be for school, work, or a casual Friday night hang with your pals. The question is now, which one to get on? With hours of informational exchange online, you want to make sure you're using the right software to suit your needs. Below, we breakdown the differences and features of Google Meet and Zoom. Just to help you decide the next time you're on a video call.


Google Meet: As far as security goes here, the lid's sealed pretty tight. Hosted on Google's G Cloud infrastructure, Meet meeting codes are complex and Meet meetings and recordings are encrypted in transit and at rest. This means that nobody can "Meet-bomb" you halfway through a lesson – or even in the middle of a gossip sesh with exclusive tea.

Zoom: Unlike Meet, Zoom's security has been tested over many times and failed, exposing users to disturbing images and videos by hackers. Though verification and screening measures before meetings have been since been imposed, its past track record haven't been the best one to entrust our meetings with — especially the ones involving sensitive or embargoed information.

Accessibility and time

Google Meet: Who doesn't have a Google account? A Google account is all you need to access Google Meet. The chat interface is also now accessible via Gmail — perfect especially if you already have your emails open all the time. A basic account entails you to 60 minutes of conference time before you're prompted to start a new session.

Zoom: Zoom meetings can be launched either on the app for both Windows/Android and Mac/IOS or directly in a browser. However, the person initiating the conversation might have to take the trouble to send across Zoom links or an ID and password (for extra security). As far as conference time goes, a basic Zoom call can only last for 40 minutes, as compared to that hour that Google is offering.

Google Meet


Google Meet: While Meet is extremely accessible to most of us, the platform remains to be building up its fanbase with many already accustomed to Zoom. It might also be confused with Google Hangouts, Google's longstanding conferencing platform, which only allows up to 25 participants.

Zoom: It scored a headstart since the days of quarantine began, so much so that many people and institutions have already set up their meetings permanently with Zoom. Even with security issues cropping up, it could still take a lot of convincing for your cynical friends to switch sides.


Google Meet: If you're an ordinary Gmail user, 100 participants is the limit. But if you're on the G Suite track, you can level up to 250 participants per meeting.

Zoom: Finally, a tie between the two platforms — with Zoom meetings also capped at 100 participants for the free tier.

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Key features

Google Meet: To counter Zoom's popularity, Google is constantly updating the meeting platform. With a tiled view that shows up to 16 people, low-light mode for mobile meetings, intelligent background noise filtering, and the ability to share a Chrome tab, the platform has pulled out all the stops to ease any virtual woes.

Zoom: Zoom's flagship feature is the ability to show all participants on screen at any time. But a special highlight has to come down to the virtual backgrounds — a party-favourite and even a little step that could make Monday meets less mundane. Especially if you're sitting in the living room of The Simpsons.

Zoom The Simpsons

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