The world’s first squeezable smartphone is now here

The world’s first squeezable smartphone is now here


Text: Janice Sim

Things are getting a little more intimate with HTC

In the digitally driven society that we reside in today, the thing that you often hold the most isn't your hunky man's hand, but your cold hard mobile device. We're on it day to night — constantly checking our emails, doing our online banking, and scrolling through socials — that we can't imagine living a day without our trusty phone. 

HTC's latest creation is the newest thing to have and to hold — introducing the HTC U11, the world's first ever smartphone with a revolutionary squeezable technology. How does it work? Simply customise your settings to an app that you use the most, like the camera for those flatlays or your email so that you can keep track of incoming work emails. Once that's set, whenever you give your phone a good squeeze on its side panels, it immediately directs you to the desired function without having to fumble through multiple taps. The HTC U11 also allows you to activate two different squeeze paths — a short squeeze or a squeeze and hold for more functionality at your fingertips. Can't spare the time to type out a lengthy text message? All you have to do is lightly squeeze and hold, verbalise it and the phone will take care of the finger work for you.

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Other brilliant features include stellar audio performance as well as a sharp front camera capture with a resolution of 16 megapixels. This newcomer isn't just all about the brains, but it also boasts a sleek body with gorgeous curves and a shimmering glass surface. Let's face it — looks do matter when it comes to carrying your new squeeze around.

Be the first to own HTC U11, available in Brilliant Black, Sapphire Blue and Amazing Silver from 10 June, at all Singtel and M1 stores. 

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