World Emoji Day: Parents decode the most commonly used emoji slang by millennials

World Emoji Day: Parents decode the most commonly used emoji slang by millennials

No words needed

Text: Janice Sim

Today as we celebrate World Emoji Day, which falls on 17 July, we ponder on the evolution of the animated characters that have breathed life into our static online conversations, brought couples together (let's not forget that thumping heart), and mitigated our awkward group chats when tensions were on the rise. And with the evolution of more and more emojis being birthed, millennials of today have also found a deeper meaning within the sea of emoticons that have since become code for inner circle chats. Yes, emojis have now ascended to an abstract state.

We found it baffling, and so did our parents. Here's what happened when we asked a couple of them to decipher some millennial-friendly emoji slang.

1. Peach + Eggplant

Eggplant and peach

Parent #1 answer: "What is that?!"

Parent #1 answer: N.A. ("My dad left me on read. So I'm not sure if he understood what it meant.")

Emoji day

The correct answer: Anal intercourse

2. Droplets of water x 3

Droplets of water

Parent #1 answer: "Raining"

Parent #2 answer: "What's the above!"

Mum emoji

The correct answer: Thirsty, but not in its actual meaning. It's extreme lust for another individual.

3. Girl dancing in the red dress

Girl emoji

Parent #1 answer: "Red's not your colour"

Parent #2 answer: "Tatatata~"

Mom emoji dancing

The correct answer: When you're feeling yourself whether it be in a new outfit or a refreshed hairdo. Oozing with self-confidence, that is.

4. Skull

Skull emoji


Parent #1 answer: "Too skinny"

Parent #2 answer: "When you're blinded by something intense? I know it's a skull but I see sunglasses"

Mum skull

The correct answer: When someone says something too funny or tragic that you're pronounced dead — or rather as some might misspell it as ded.

5. Painting fingernails

Painting fingernails

Parent #1 answer: "I'm praying shortly"

Parent #2 answer: "Your sister's dressing table"

Emoji day fingernail

The correct answer: Throwing shade

6. Shocked

Shocked face

Parent #1 answer: "Did something happen?"

Parent #2 answer: "When you stare at something for a long time and still don't know what you're looking at."

Mum emoji emoricon

The correct answer: Fellatio