These wireless earbuds will give you superhuman hearing

These wireless earbuds will give you superhuman hearing


Text: Janice Sim

The new Here One earbuds — where the excellence of sound transports you to a different space and time

Why do we plug in? The answer is simple — to get rid of external white noises like daily commute chatter, and because it serves as an invigorating form of escapism. A good pair of earphones immerses us into another world, whether it's an engaging podcast or the evergreen soothing tunes of John Mayer. Everything else shouldn't matter, or rather, shouldn't be heard. If not, you probably need to rethink your current purchase. 

tech thursday wireless earbuds here One

That said, setting the bar for revolutionary sound systems is the Here One earbuds, created by San Francisco-based tech company Doppler Labs. This smart release, sans tangly wires, incorporates a volume knob through the Here One app, which gives you control over what you hear and what you block out. For instance, these earbuds work perfectly if you need to listen in on an important conversation while seated in a rackety café or when you need to suppress the sound of your aircraft taking off.

tech thursday wireless earbuds here One

Audio junkies will also be pleased to know that Here One's cutting-edge sound system brings out each song's bass and high notes with its crystal clear quality. Who knows? You might be able to identify the unfamiliar quirks of your favourite artist. What's also socially convenient about Here One is that a quick tap on each earbud seamlessly pauses whatever you're listening to — like when your boss calls for your undivided attention.

Here One is now available at leading retailers

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