Watch the world's first R2-D2 drone take flight

Watch the world's first R2-D2 drone take flight

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Text: Denise Kok

Where life imitates art

There's been much excitement surrounding drones this year and it looks like drone domination isn't going to end anytime soon. Thanks to aerial cinematographer Don Melara and aerial photography company Air Cam Shots, Star Wars fans have good reason to turn their rabid obsession to the world of flying gadgets.

Turning a childhood dream into reality, Melara set out to build his very own R2-D2 drone (which he's christened 'Arturo') complete with a DJI GPS autopilot navigation system, LED jetpack lights, and a speaker box allowing Arturo to articulate himself. He accomplished all of this in under eight days. Impressive indeed. 

Fitted with four propellers, this 'real-life' astromech droid appears to be a little clunky at lift-off, but quickly sails through the air with ease. It even manages to land on its own two feet without tipping over.  

Watch Melara's masterpiece take flight here:

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