A beginner's guide to Vero, the app plugged to be the new Instagram

A beginner's guide to Vero, the app plugged to be the new Instagram


Text: Janice Sim

Is Vero worth all that hype? Our lifestyle writer Janice Sim puts it to the test

"It almost feels like I'm crossing over to the dark side..."

That was my first thought while registering for the enterprising social media app, Vero. The background is a midnight blue tint — bearing a stark contrast to what my eyes were used to, which was Instagram's clean white canvas. 

The polarising difference doesn't come as much of a surprise, especially since Vero has been dubbed as a strong contender to replace Instagram (P.S. Shame on IG for messing with our chronological feeds). 

Vero app

Could it possibly overtake the invincible Instagram (now boasting 800 million users) though?

I had to find out, so here's what I observed on my first time with Vero, which lasted for about six hours.

1. There's a lot going on with this app

Imagine if Instagram, Facebook and Vine had a baby — that would be Vero. You get to post whatever you want — yes, we're talking everything from movies to TV shows, music to books, places to photos and videos. Express your opinions and recommendations freely without needing to post up an Instagrammable photo.

Vero app

2. You get to choose who you're exposing your content to

Finally, an app that lets you rate your pals from We Don't Talk Anymore to Drunk In Love. Best of all? They'd never know what their rating is on the friend-o-meter. By anonymously discerning who your best buds are, who the workforce professionals are, or even that person you're secretly trying to impress — your content can be blasted out selectively. You're in control of your social network here. In short, any semi-nudes should only be circulated among your inner circle — please and thank you. 

3. It's not exactly what you would call aesthetically pleasing

Instagram is all about aesthetics. Vero? Not so much. The almighty profile feed doesn't look very good here. Due to its design and the nature of the content (whether it's movie posters or book covers), your grid won't be as curated as you wish. 

Vero app

4. There are followers, and then you have connections

I have to say this was a confusing feature to figure out. In Vero, you follow people who you don't know personally (for instance, singers like Banks and director Zack Synder) and you connect with people who are well, common folk like yourself. My real question is, does that mean I don't get followers just because I'm not famous? That's a slight bummer, because it took a few good years to build my humble army on Instagram.

5.  Get on it now, rather than later

Even with all that contentious talk about the app, Vero isn't quite ready to take over Instagram. Over the course of six hours on the app, I encountered plenty of glitches, whether it be uploading posts or trying to find my homies who are on the app — who are unfortunately currently non-existent.

So why should you get on it ?

Well, it is entirely free of ad gimmicks and web spiders who are trying to force feed content down our throats. The app is authentic and pretty refreshing in the vapid online society we live in today. Having said that, since there are no ads, Vero will eventually charge for sign-ups. For now, the app is free for the first one million subscribers (like yours truly), and we'll get to have it for the rest of our lives. And if it plummets, all you have to do is delete the app — it's that easy. 

Vero is now available for download on iOS and Android