Here's how to tell if someone has unfollowed you

Here's how to tell if someone has unfollowed you


Text: Janice Sim

Just be forewarned that you might not always like what you see

In this day and age, your following on social media is (sadly) more important than how many friends you actually have in real life. Not making the effort to say hi to your friend at the party? Pardonable. But unfollowing your pal on Instagram? Equivalent to a slap across the face. 

While we get notifications whenever we have new followers or friend requests, we never actually receive alerts when an unexpected friend decides to hit the "Unfollow" button. However, if it really is your burning desire to stay on top of who your "real" online friends are, here are some apps to sneakily help you keep tabs on your social network. 

Unfollowers For Instagram

Simply log in with your Instagram details, and the app shows you your new followers, who has unfollowed you, as well as those whom you follow but don't follow you back and vice versa. If you're willing to pay for more information, you can also find out who has blocked you. The horrors.

Unfollow social media Instagram

Still Friends

The app smartly syncs with your account and scours your list of friends to see if someone has suddenly "disappeared". However, it does demand a small fee if you wish to uncover his or her identity.

social media unfollow Facebook


Link up your account with this site and you'll get fresh updates every hour to track who you gained and who you lost. It also gives you a 30-day historical view and follow-back stats.

Unfollow social media Twitter

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