A guide to setting up your home audio system

Movie nights will never be the same again

A guide to setting up your home audio system
Derive maximum aural pleasure just by switching up a few things

Nothing kills a good movie like bad sound quality. You might have the swankiest audio set-up in the world, but if you're clueless about how best to configure your gear, you'll still end up with a hollow, lo-fi sound experience. The good folks from Sony show us just how you can transform your living room into a veritable sound haven.  


1. Placement is key

A vital factor in maximising audio quality in your living room. First, you shouldn't sit too far from the television screen or too close to it. The ideal distance between your TV and couch should be calculated as such: Diagonal length of HDTV x 2 = Distance from TV (in feet). Secondly, your couch should be placed at least one foot away from the rear wall so that the bass doesn't sound too distorted. Thirdly, place the sound bar directly below the TV and turn the accompanying speakers 22 to 30 degrees towards the left and right from where you sit. Lastly, make sure nothing comes between the device and your ears as it'll distort any audio goodness.


2. Take note of the objects that sit within the room

If you're in an echoey room, try introducing materials that absorb sound well. You can also distribute objects such as curtains, books, photo frames and rugs to disperse sound in all directions. Everything in the room impacts how sound travels. There should be a balance to combat unwanted sound reflection and absorption.

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3. Sound bars beat TV speakers

Full surround-sound systems are pricey and take up plenty of space. If you have a cozy little living room, a sound bar is the way to go. Not only does it enhance audio from the movies and videos you're watching, it also lets you flaunt your own playlist while you're entertaining guests.


4. Subwoofer

Subwoofers give that extra oomph to sound effects and audio tunes. Place the subwoofer at different locations around the room to find out where the bass sounds the deepest.

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