TikTok's photo editing hack involves a golden hour glow just by using your iPhone's iOS

TikTok's photo editing hack involves a golden hour glow just by using your iPhone's iOS

Sunkissed illusion

Text: Eunice Sng

Image: Unsplash | @emiljarfelt

Warm beaches. Ethereal skies. Sunkissed skin. Sounds like the perfect picture. But obviously, the golden hour doesn't happen all the time, it's subjected mostly to the time of day and more importantly, the weather. What has recently been discovered however, thanks to TikTok, is that the sun-kissed glow can be easily replicated with a quick toggle of the editing function on iPhone's iOS. Yup, it's pretty neat and mind-blowing once you've actually had a go at it. So much so that many users have shared their own editing videos, documenting the transformation.

Several creators, including @anaugazz, are impressing the world with their faux golden hour shots. Her video has garnered over 13 million views on TikTok and many others are attempting to achieve the same summer aesthetic, even if it is looking pretty bleak in reality.



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Of course, the hack currently only applies to Apple users. If you own an Apple device, simply open your image on the Photos app and select the editing function. Slide the exposure and brilliance all the way to the maximum. Then, bring down the photo's highlights, shadows, contrast and brightness. On the other hand, make slight increases to the black point, saturation, vibrance, warmth, tint, sharpness and definition. Everything that has been done so far does render the picture extremely overexposed, but hold up, it's not done yet. There's one final, and most crucial step: push the exposure all the way to zero and there you have it — a perfect golden complexion.

Here's the breakdown of the full formula in case you missed the steps in the video.

Exposure and Brilliance: +100
Highlights: -32
Shadows: -26
Contrast: -30
Brightness: -15
Black point: +10
Saturation: +10
Vibrance: +8
Warmth: +10
Tint: +29
Sharpness: +14
Definition: +23
Exposure: pushed all the way to zero


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Doing this certainly gets a little tedious. But another option that Android users can get behind is the Lightroom app (available for download on the App Store and Google Play), which has the same presets. With this, you save the trouble of repeatedly entering in the numbers. One thing to note about this nifty trick is that the formula only works best on photos taken under natural light, so try sitting close to an open window if you're indoors.

Minimal effort, maximum returns, that's for sure.