The Net Set: Net-a-Porter’s new social network

The Net Set: Net-a-Porter’s new social network

Digital innovation

Text: Varsha Sivaram

Image: Net-a-Porter

The sexy app that lets you shop and seek style inspiration on the fly

Imagine Pinterest, Facebook, and the world of luxury fashion compressed into one elegant network — and you'll have The Net Set. Developed by the Net-a-Porter group for the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, The Net Set combines the functionalities of a mobile shopping app with the seductive powers of a social media network. 

Got a new bag you want to flaunt? Simply upload a photo of it into your profile and your followers (known as 'admirers' on the app) can get a little green-eyed over it. The clever little app can also suggest style matches based on the items you've uploaded, and if you fancy them, you can simply tap to purchase straight from Net-a-Porter. 

The style discoveries don't stop there. You can also join 'Style Tribes', a set of user-curated clubs that pull together content and products grounded on personal style themes. Whether you're normcore or rock chic, you'll always find your tribe. 

One of the main features – and possibly the most brilliant – of the app is 'the Style Council', an invitation-only group of style experts and icons that will help you out while you shop — in real time, of course. 

With so much in the app conspiring to make us shop more than we already do, we had better start saving up. Pronto.  

The Net Set will be available across iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch and will launch initially with an invite code from 13 May.