The Google Pixel 3 unveils an AI camera that's too smart to be true

The Google Pixel 3 unveils an AI camera that's too smart to be true

Pics or it didn't happen

Text: Janice Sim

Google Pixel 3 has got a bag full of tricks...

The season for smartphones is upon us. Where the fittest of the fittest — or in this case — smartest of the smartest, compete to sway the hearts of tech mavens in shelling out a sizable amount for a new gadget.

Fortunately, the Google Pixel 3 matches up to its price tag. Here to beat out its previous edition (Pixel 2), this smartphone comes with a fleet of upgrades, centered around the buzzword — artificial intelligence.   

Google Pixel 3

While there's heaps to talk about, we need to dive in straight to the camera. I.e. that essential we need to sate our lust for social media. You're looking at a 12.2 megapixel rear-facing and a eight megapixel front-facing camera. Pixel 3's shutter is more than just illustrious bokeh effects — it's branded with AI. Within, there's a feature called Top Shot; when AI comes into the picture to sieve out the best photo (whereby everyone is smilling without the possiblity of their eyes shut) when the series in shot in motion. That would probably save us a whole lot of time while trying to take the perfect squad photo. This works similarly, to when you're taking a selfie; the camera even recognises when you're making a funny face. We're still not entirely sure how it knows the difference between pretty ugly and real ugly... 

Pixel 3

Pinching your subject into focus wouldn't ever be a struggle. The camera uses a special computational photography technique called Super Res Zoom, which produces sharp details when you zoom. If you're taking a wefie comprising of over ten humans, hit Group Selfie — allowing you 184% more room in your photo. You wouldn't even need a selfie stick for that. Another notable feature is its night sight which as the name suggests, helps capture vivid and detailed low-light photos - without a flash or tripod. Night sight continually adapts to you and the environment by balancing out the color, allowing the objects in your photos to show their natural color at night. Definitely, a handy feature when capturing life moments in dark-lit areas. 



Google Pixel 3

Other outstanding add-ons include free unlimited online storage, which means you wouldn't have to cough up a bill for iCloud that only gets larger by the month. Charging is entirely wireless with the Pixel Stand, and at the same time, your phone becomes a display (akin to a smart home set-up) that plays music, transition to a photo frame when idle plus a handful of other tricks unique only to the Pixel 3. 

In our opinion, these nifty knacks will be what sets the latest slice from the Android Pie apart from the rest of the bezel-less pack. 

Google Pixel 3 is available to purchase from the Google store and all Starhub stores from 1 November.