The App Store turns 10: A look at how it’s changed our lives

The App Store turns 10: A look at how it’s changed our lives

Small and mighty

Text: Amelia Chia

5 things about apps we're forever grateful for

1. Developers have an avenue to be creative
From one-person shops to large studios, any developer can now take an idea from conception to fruition and deliver it to a growing number of customers around the world. Thank God, because for some of us, living in our heads is the greatest nightmare of all.  

2. It brought mobile-first businesses to the forefront
Where would we be today without Instagram and Uber? The horror. Apps are also now key to how we interact with businesses and tackle everyday tasks, like book a flight or pay bills.

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3. Creativity, productivity, and education are no longer confined to office and classroom walls
Remember the days where we had overhead projectors and your teacher would try to explain everything via a transparency sheet? These days, with over 200,000 educational and reference apps like Explain Everything and The Elements by Theodore Gray, there are now richer, more engaging ways to learn. Plus, nobody is forced to wash those dirty transparency sheets any longer.

4. Wellness and fitness apps have increased in popularity
If it wasn't recorded on an app, does it really count? If you don't close your Apple Watch rings, was it really a good day? Reliance takes on a whole new meaning here. Who knew an app could be our greatest motivator?

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5. Next chapter: The AR revolution
In 2017, Apple introduced ARKit 1.0 and overnight iOS became the biggest AR platform in the world. Today, over 3,000 AR apps, such as Alice in Wonderland AR Quest, create an engaging way for customers to shop, learn, and play games. It's time to await the next decade.

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