The 5G network transition: When to expect it and what does it mean for our smartphones?

The 5G network transition: When to expect it and what does it mean for our smartphones?

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Text: Janice Sim

Decade milestones are extremely note-worthy — the influx of #10yearschallenge surfacing on your Instagram feed should be proof of that. But surpassing your pals' personal vanity project of how much better they look now, is 5G. Yes it's been ten years since the whole world assimilated 4G into their smartphones — and life has been peachy since. But is it about to get peachier?

5G network phones

Rumor has it that 5G will land this year, but while most of the mega technology shift is ready to launch; we might have to wait a while (we're talking probably years) before we can spot the 5G icon at the top of our phone screens.

But the wait is worth it. Here's why and everything you need to know.

The speed is like no other

Mobile internet speeds are said to enhance downloads, immensely. We're talking movie downloads within seconds. Designed to deliver signals more reliably than previous cellular networks, this means we wouldn't be faced with lags (also known as latency) that tend to take up to a hundred milliseconds. No one has that time to waste. 

You'll probably need to buy a new phone

Sadly, that current iPhone XS you're so in love with won't be able to give you the next wave of network. Only the phones of the imminent future will have it, which means carriers would need to install the new service for that to happen.

It isn't just about our phones

Beyond our most prized possession, the new network is set to impact other devices like security cameras, cars, drones etc. This also means a better world for fields (like medicine) that rely heavily on high-speed connections.

Expect VR to blow up, big time

Our minds are already blown with bulky headsets that transport us into a vastly different dimension. But with 5G magic, the tech can be as seamless as putting on a pair of sunglasses — wireless of course. 

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