#TechThursday: Meet the waterproof ear buds that double up as a fitness tracker

Up your fitness game

#TechThursday: Meet the waterproof ear buds that double up as a fitness tracker
Finally, the hearable to rule them all

Weighing at just 13.8 grams, you'll barely notice The Dash in your ears. These ear buds, manufactured by Munich-based tech company Bragi, not only let you listen to music underwater, but delivers amazing sound quality as well — something few waterproof wearables are able to achieve. The secret? An embedded ear bone microphone. With these smart ear buds, you can choose to load the device with 4GB (that's approximately 1000 songs) of music or stream tunes from your smartphone via a bluetooth connection.

bragi the dash ear bud

The Dash is designed for comfort, giving fitness buffs the absolute freedom of movement. Fitted with an in-built tracking device, you can now document your workout — including steps, distance, heart rate, and energy spent — without the need for a Fitbit or Jawbone. 

bragi the dash ear bud

The device comes with its own carrying case fitted with an integrated battery unit. This allows you to charge your wireless ear buds within the case in just under an hour. Talk about a fuss-free design solution.

The Dash 
will retail at $428 and is now available for pre-order via TrueWireless. It will be available at leading audio and consumer electronics retail stores in Singapore from 13 March 2017. 

Text: Pramila G

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