#TechThursday: The new social app everyone's talking about

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#TechThursday: The new social app everyone's talking about
If you haven't downloaded Peach yet, you probably should

The Twitterati won't stop talking about it and it has only been a week since it launched. If you thought Peach was a mere fruit, you'll be surprised to know that it's also the name of what is set to be the hottest social app to grace your iPhone this year. It isn't just tech geeks that are raving about it. Let us feed you what this app is all about, slice by slice: 


1. Brings together the best of many worlds

Created by Dom Hoffman, the same man behind video sharing app Vine, Peach dishes you Twitter-sized nuggets of information from your network. But it isn't just limited to 140 characters. Unlike Snapchat that limits you to videos, Instagram to visuals, and Twitter to words, you're free to express yourself in more ways than one. Share doodles; shazam a tune you're listening to; upload photo montages of Boomerang moments; share and rate a movie; and splash your feed with GIFs — lots of GIFs. All this can be executed within the app and without the need for any third party add-ons. Think of Peach as messenger on steroids. It's small but powerful, and surprisingly sophisticated in build.  

Peach app

2. Know your magic words

The beauty of Peach is that it lets you execute all the above with just a few keystrokes. Typing 'g' pulls up a search box for GIFs while 'd' brings up a canvas for you to draw in. The interface is really quite intuitive and you'll get up to speed in no time.  

Peach app

3. Privacy rules

Your feed is only visible to friends who can only start following you after you approve their add request. To widen your network by adding friends, you'll need to have their username or phone number. It sounds cumbersome, but we welcome this added level of security to combat those creepy stalkers. Moreover, the content you post stay within the app itself and doesn't leak onto the internet. 

peach app

Peach is available for download from the Apple App Store. Click here to view last week's #TechThursday.

Text: Denise Kok

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