#TechThursday: Kodak debuts its first smartphone

#TechThursday: Kodak debuts its first smartphone

Photography reborn

Text: Meera Navlakha

The Kodak Ektra smartphone packs in elements of a DSLR camera

Unleashing your inner photographer was made easier with the first smartphone. With the click of a button, anyone could capture the moment wherever they were in the world. In a way, photography has become more accessible than ever. Now, Kodak is revolutionising what we consider smartphone photography with its latest product, the Kodak Ektra. 

Kodak Ektra
With the Ektra, Kodak is pushing the boundaries of technology in a whole new way. Combining a phone and a Kodak camera, Kodak has created a “photography-first smartphone”. Featuring a DSLR dial and customisable manual mode allowing for adjustable shutter speeds and ISO ratings, users are given so much more control over their photos. Other features of the product include 4K video capabilities, two-step shutter release, and filters that mimic classic Kodak film grains. Speed and precision is of the essence, as seen with the phase detection autofocus, 21MP main camera, and 13MP front-facing camera. 

Staying true to the Kodak camera aesthetic, the Ektra features a steel-rimmed lens and textured finish. The phone itself is an android, with 32GB memory and 3000 mAh battery.