#TechThursday: Stylish headphones for her

Sounds like a plan

#TechThursday: Stylish headphones for her
Forget roses. Aural pleasures take centre stage this Valentine's Day

Gone are the days where headphones graced your head with the same measure of flair as a soggy sponge. With slimmer headbands, streamlined ear pads, and embellishments such as pearls and diamonds, headphone brand Frends has managed to elevate these utilitarian objects  into pure objets d'art.

Founded in 2006 by an eclectic mix of athletes and artists, Frends sought to make headphones specially for women. Think elegant makeovers in rose gold, mother of pearl, and gun metal combined with luxe touches like stain-resistant leather and woven cords made of durable fabric. Forget the oversized Dior tribal earrings. Here are the perfect statement accessories to jazz up your outfit. They're perfect for fixing a bad hairday, too. 

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Text: Denise Kok

  • Image:
    Frends headphones,
    Instagram | @frendsaustralia
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