#TechThursday: Sennheiser redefines the audio world with its €50,000 headphone system

Golden sounds

#TechThursday: Sennheiser redefines the audio world with its €50,000 headphone system
The Rolls-Royce of headphones

Ever felt goosebumps from listening to a great piece of music? With their new HE 1 headphones, German audio giant Sennheiser is bringing that full-on aural experience to every song you listen to. 

In the early '90s, Sennheiser took the audio world by storm with their legendary Orpheus HE90 headphone system that became widely known as the best headphones in the world. 25 years on, Sennheiser has hit back again and challenged the record they once set with yet another breakthrough product — the HE 1. 

Sennheiser HE1 leather ear pad
With almost a decade of development, the Sennheiser HE 1 has achieved an impressive frequency response of 8 hertz to over 100 kilohertz. This frequency range is far beyond what the average human ear can hear and such extremity is purposefully taken to ensure its absolute sound purity. Every element, ranging from low to mid and high tones, can be heard without any distortions.  

The HE 1 is an electrostatic headphone that has a huge amplifier attached to it. The tube amplifier is made of eight vacuum tubes to achieve superior impulse processing and eliminate any noise from the 'outside world'. With the goal to create a superior successor to its previous audio masterpiece, Sennheiser doesn't skimp when it comes to choosing the best materials and components in building this headphone system. Each of the 6,000 components, which includes platinum-vaporised diaphragms and gold-vaporised ceramic transducers, were chosen carefully to optimize the sounding quality and achieve a golden audio experience. With its real German leather ear pads, the HE 1 guarantees a total immersion in music with absolute comfort. 

Now available for pre-order in Southeast Asia for around €50,000. 

Text: Jessica Zheng

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